Naomi & Janine with son and dog at home

And Baby Makes Three

Naomi and Janine had heard that Walden Family Services was welcoming and affirming to LGBTQ children, youth, and families, and were impressed when the Human Rights Campaign awarded the nonprofit foster care agency with its “Innovator” recognition. Therefore, when the couple was ready to take the first step to becoming certified foster care parents, their selection of a foster and adoption agency was easy.

The couple went through Walden’s rigorous process of training, background checks, and home inspection, and not long after certification, they received a request for a foster child to be placed in their care. At the time, Barry was in the neonatal intensive care unit, having been born addicted because of his birth mother’s drug use while she was pregnant.

Once his condition stabilized, Naomi and Janine took the newborn home. Working closely with their Walden social worker and nurse, the couple was able to access an array of support to help Barry grow stronger. Soon he was thriving.

Throughout the process, Naomi and Janine also worked with Barry’s birth mother in support of her reunification with her child. Unfortunately, she was unable to meet her goals. When Barry’s mother relinquished her parental rights months later, the door to adoption opened. Naomi and Janine jumped through it!

“We’re so grateful to Walden for helping us make our dreams of having a family come true!” said Janine. “We couldn’t imagine our life without him.”

We are thrilled for Barry to have found his forever family and are grateful for loving and giving people like Naomi and Janine. The couple remains a part of Team Walden and continue to offer placement to other children and respite to families in need.

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