A Lifeline for Families in Conflict

The neglect and abuse that precedes a child’s entry into foster care has repercussions that can last a lifetime. For caregivers, dealing with a traumatized child’s emotional and behavioral issues can be worrisome, exhausting, and frustrating.

For the child, it can be even worse as feelings of sadness, anger, and fear lead to a downward spiral.

Walden Family Services urges California lawmakers to support Assembly Bill 2043, which would establish The Family Urgent Response System for Foster Youth and Caregivers, a statewide toll-free hotline offering families and children round-the-clock access to counselors trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation.

These counselors would provide immediate relief while determining whether further onsite help is needed.

In addition, the bill would require counties to establish mobile response teams to provide in-home intervention 24/7 if needed to stabilize the situation and give follow-up care, working with the existing local agencies.

Access to the hotline and mobile response will also lead to fewer interactions between foster youth and law enforcement.

Giving relief and support to families under stress is for the benefit of everyone involved: the children who desperately need stability and the caregivers who are trying to provide it. Please join us in calling for the passage of AB 2043 to help families cope and carry on.