The Countz Family

In the 10 years Walden has been a full-service adoption agency we have learned that all adoptions, like all children, are unique. To ensure that they thrive, each prospective family is paired with a social worker to assist with individualized matching and training, guaranteeing that each child (including 53 placed in 2017) is living in a healthy, happy home ready to help them heal.

Melissa and Eric Countz joined the Walden family six years ago while searching for children in whom to pour their medical background, experience, and passion for children with special medical needs.

Since joining Walden, the Countzes have made a strong impression on staff for their remarkable level of commitment and competency in parenting children with high medical needs.

The Countzes have adopted two medically fragile children, giving them the specialized care they need as well as a loving forever home.

When sharing her Walden experience, Melissa expresses deep gratitude for Walden’s staff, social workers, and the invaluable registered nurse from Walden that helps her navigate and manage the medical needs of her children.