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Staying Together

The Post FamilySara Post loved being a mom to her daughter Haily. She also knew she wanted to be a foster mother like her aunt. So when Sara and her husband Chris decided they were ready to become foster parents, a mom Sara knew referred the couple to Walden for orientation and training. The family moved to a larger house, and the couple started fostering.

In 2011, the Posts became foster parents to Mon’ia and Trinity. Two other foster children were already living with the Posts, so the girls’ younger brothers—Justin and Quentin—were placed with another family. But as soon as the Posts had room, the boys moved in so the children could be together while awaiting adoption.

“We had an amazing social worker who listened to the children’s stories and made them feel special,” recalls Sara. “She was always there if I had questions, and helped me encourage the kids to open up to us.”

Two years in, a teacher Sara knew stepped forward to adopt all four siblings. Sara recalls feeling lonely, even though she and Chris had recently been blessed with a baby. But shortly after the children moved out, Sara learned that the teacher had decided not to adopt.

“That was the moment I knew the children were coming back to me,” said Sara. “I was not going to let them be separated.”

Sara describes Mon’ia, 12, as a budding fashionista, and Quentin, 5, as an avid reader.

“He asks a lot of questions, and already knows his sight words,” said Sara. Justin, 8, is quieter, but Sara knows he takes pride in helping out around the house. And Trinity, 8, is looking forward to tumbling classes so she can be a circus acrobat.

The Posts adopted all four children on May 4, 2015. In October, they celebrated with a family vacation of hiking in Zion National Park.

“We take them everywhere,” reminisced Sara. “They have to see the world.”

Caption: The Posts’ children – Justin, Trinity, Mon’ia and Quentin – celebrate their adoption.