Tasha Matthews attends CYC Shadow Day in Sacramento

Walden’s own Tasha Matthews recently participated in California Youth Connection’s (CYC) Shadow Day on May 9, 2018 in Sacramento. As part of its mission to serve foster youth by empowering them to become leaders, CYC matched attendees with state legislators and their staff for the day in an opportunity to observe the daily workings of the lawmaking process that takes place in the Capitol. As a graduate of UCSD with plans to earn an advanced degree in public policy, Tasha found the opportunity to meet California’s lawmakers particularly meaningful.


Among the leaders Tasha met was California State Senator Holly J. Mitchell of the 30th District, who represents the Cities of Culver City and Los Angeles. Senator Mitchell chairs the Committees on Budget & Fiscal Review; the Joint Legislative Budget; and the Select Committee on Women & Equality and serves on many other committees.


“She was my favorite senator to meet!” said Tasha. “She was so awesome and inspirational. They were talking about ending the school-to-prison pipeline, and focusing more on education.” Tasha went on to say that she was very impressed with Senator Mitchell’s dedication to social advocacy.


Tasha Matthews is a former foster child employed as an office assistant at Walden Family Service’s San Diego headquarters. She is currently developing an oral autobiography so that she may soon share her experiences with others in an attempt to further the public’s understanding of what it means to be in foster care.