Teresa’s Story

Halfway through her freshman year in high school, Teresa faced devastating circumstances: the suicide of her mother. With no other family to turn to, Teresa was referred into the child welfare system. At first, the county placed her in a group home for older youth in foster care. Luckily, within a few weeks, Walden Family Services was able to offer a place for Teresa with the Garcias, certified foster parents who lived near her high school.

Being able to continue her education with her peers and teachers she knew helped ease Teresa’s transition. Walden social workers provided ongoing support to help the bond between the Garcias and Teresa and ensure she would thrive in her placement. Teresa bloomed with her new family’s consistent care and encouragement, becoming a top student in her class.

As her 18th birthday approached, Teresa worried what she would do after leaving foster care. Would she be able to find housing? Afford college? Have anyone to turn to for advice? Her concerns disappeared when the Garcias asked if she would be interested in becoming a permanent member of their family. Teresa happily agreed and the adoption was finalized last year.

“Just because a person is an adult, doesn’t mean they don’t need family,” said Teresa. “If anything I need to talk to Mom even more now that I am older. Things move fast in college and I’m really getting serious about my future.”

Teresa lives with her family while attending school. Walden is so pleased to help Teresa find her forever family. Congratulations to the Garcias!

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