Tribute to Noreen and Andy Sandel, Walden Legacy Circle Members

Ten years ago, Noreen and Andy Sandel chose a legacy that benefits children and families across Southern California. The Sandels were a generous, unassuming pair who loved their community and always looked to help those less fortunate, especially children.

When Noreen passed in late August, preceded by her husband in 2011, the Sandel’s charitable trust made a gift to Walden that honored them as well as future generations of foster children.

Walden Family Services is one of 12 charitable beneficiaries that will benefit from a charitable trust established by Andy and Noreen Sandel in 2009.

A life of travel

Andy Sandel was an Army engineer from 1945 – 1947, stationed at Fort Randal in Alaska. Andy and Noreen married in 1953, and Andy enrolled at the University of Alaska. He later transferred to the University of Idaho. In 1963, Andy joined Bechtel Industries and retired with them after over 28 years. His career took him and Noreen to many locations and they enjoyed life adventures in Vancouver, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Idaho, Washington, Ohio, Chicago, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Florida, Maryland, San Francisco, Houston, Bakersfield, and California. They loved animals, especially rescue pets. Shotzie, a purebred shepherd was part of the family for 14 years.

After retirement, the Sandels moved to Atascadero, CA where they built a home with a 180 degree view of Long Valley. They lived there for 13 years before moving to Rancho Bernardo.

Build your own legacy

You can make a planned gift, too. As a member of Walden’s Legacy Circle, you invest your resources in creating a sustainable source of funding to fulfill your vision.

Your planned gift guarantees that Walden will continue to provide innovative and effective foster care, adoption and youth programs that respond to the needs of the community.

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