Bronwyn Jarvis of St. Germaine Children’s Charity and Walden Development Director Kathryn Stephens at the annual St. Germaine’s Luncheon

SAN DIEGO, CA—Walden Family Services is proud to announce that it has a secured a $15,000 grant from San Diego-based St. Germaine’s Children’s Charity in support of our Transitional Housing Program (THP) for foster youth.

In Southern California alone, there are more than 8000 youth ages 18 through 21 transitioning from foster care to adulthood. Without support, these young adults struggle to succeed: a third will not graduate from high school; fewer than half will be employed; a quarter will be incarcerated within two years; and another quarter will be homeless. Adding other obstacles associated with childhood trauma such as drug use, mental health issues, and early entry into parenthood only compounds problems that could be avoided with the proper safety net in place.

Walden’s THP program provides this safety net by giving youth the stability and assistance they need to thrive. Young people in THP receive help with housing, training in independent living skills, and counseling and support as they continue their education or maintain employment. The stability we give them is the boost they need to become engaged in their communities, ready to navigate adulthood and—most importantly—able to break the cycle of trauma, abuse, and foster care that many fall into.

We are very grateful to St. Germaine Children’s Charity, not only for this opportunity to help our young people, but for its continued support of Walden’s mission to ensure that all children get the help they need to realize their full potential.