Graduation DayBills sponsored by Walden Family Services’ colleagues at John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY) moved forward in the California State Legislature. Walden is grateful for the efforts of JBAY and the support these bills have received from policy makers.

On April 9, the Assembly Human Services Committee approved AB 995 (Ting). AB 995 proposes to reduce homelessness among former foster youth in California by expanding access to THP-Plus. AB 995 is transitional housing program with supportive services so former foster youth ages 21-25 can work and go to college.

On April 10, SB 150 (Beall) and SB 568 (Portantino) both passed the Senate Education Committee. SB 150 would improve the distribution of the Chafee Education and Training Voucher, enabling more students to receive funds at the beginning of the year when the subsidy is needed most. SB 568 proposes to reduce homelessness among college students in California by establishing a College-Focused Rapid Rehousing Program.

“Walden joins many other foster youth service providers throughout California in advocating for these bills,” said Teresa Stivers, Walden Family Services’ CEO. “They are important programs for helping youth with a history in the child welfare system gain stability and realize the life-changing benefits of higher education.”

The bills will be considered by the Committee on Appropriations in the respective legislative houses next. If the bills are successful in Appropriations, they would move on to the full Assembly and Senate, before going to the Governor for consideration. Please join Walden in making your support for these important programs known!