THP Youth Mary and Social Worker Karen

Mary and Walden THP-LA Program Director Karen Crossan at an advance screening of “Foster” in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES – On May 7 HBO will debut FOSTER, a new documentary from Participant Media that profiles five different people involved in the child welfare system in Los Angeles County. Among those is Mary, a young woman embarking on her independent life with the support of Walden Family Services’ Transitional Housing Program (THP) in Los Angeles. The film amplifies the voices of those touched by foster care as Mary and the other four individuals share their perspectives with added insights from social workers and others.

Social Worker Karen and Walden COO Sue Evans

Karen Crossan with Walden COO Sue Evans

HBO reports that along with the airing of FOSTER, Participant Media will launch a social impact campaign intended to bring individuals, organizations, corporations, and government agencies together to change perceptions of foster youth from “those children” to “OUR children,” and to accelerate solutions aimed at helping children and families to thrive.

“These efforts to shine a light on the need for more help in supporting the children, youth and families in the child welfare system are important and most welcome,” said Walden CEO Teresa Stivers. “We are a community that has learned that childhood trauma need not be the defining event of a person’s life. But it takes care and a lot of focused support.”

Mary voices the hope and promise of many of those who grow up in foster care when she says “You can’t always write the beginning to your story, but you can definitely write the end.” Walden Family Services is very proud to help Mary define her own story.

Foster is scheduled to premiere on HBO Tuesday, May 7. Here is the trailer.