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Regular visits between children and their birth families increase the likelihood that parents will develop the skills to nurture their children, enabling children to return home to family and preventing extended stays in foster care.


Birth families working to reunify with their children participate in supervised visits as part of their case plans.

What We Do

Visitation centers enable birth families to have supervised visits while their children are in foster care. During visits, coaches help parents practice the skills necessary to build and strengthen their relationships with their children. They also allow parents to be part of a child’s life by doing everyday activities such as helping with homework, playing games and eating meals together. Often, these visits enable resource families and birth parents develop and model positive relationships to benefit the child and reduce the time children spend in foster care.


Walden provides visitation services primarily from our offices in San Bernardino.

Why It Matters

Regular visits promote healthy and secure attachments between children and their biological parents, and increase the likelihood children will be reunified with family.