Parenting Classes

Known as the FAMILY (Fathers and Mothers who are Inspired, Loving, and Young) program, our parenting classes bring together pregnant or parenting youth and young adults to develop the skills to nurture their children.


Walden provides parenting classes for San Bernardino County young parents ages 13-29 who have children under 5 years old.  NOW OFFERING classes for ALL parents in San Bernardino City, Central Valley, and East Valley. Classes are offered at Walden’s San Bernardino office, in community locations, and at local high schools and educational facilities.

What We Do

Walden helps parents develop the skills to nurture their children during FREE 16-week parenting classes at locations throughout the county using the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting curriculum. Through classes, parents build self-awareness, self-esteem, empathy and the skills to communicate and resolve problems in ways that promote children’s physical, social and emotional development.  Our classes are also offered in Spanish, in group, in home settings or one on one as needed.

Participants also have the option to bring their children to participate in our child enrichment program. Snacks and incentives are provided at each meeting. Program graduates receive gifts at the completion of the program.

Why It Matters

Families and communities are engaged, supported, and strengthened through resources and opportunities that assist them in nurturing, caring, and providing for their children’s success and well-being, while working to reduce the incidence of child abuse, neglect, and prevent entries into foster care.