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The Cal-Learn program  for teen parents breaks the cycle of foster care by providing them  support to graduate high school, move toward economic self-sufficiency and become responsible parents.


Pregnant and parenting teens who are under 19 years of age, have not graduated from high school or earned a GED, and receive cash assistance for housing, food and other expenses are required to participate in Cal-Learn to complete school.

What We Do

Young people enrolled in the Cal-Learn teen  parent program work one-on-one with a case manager to develop a plan, create goals and identify resources that will empower them to meet the challenges they face every day as teen parents. Through the program, teens earn rewards for demonstrating responsibility by keeping scheduled appointments, attending their child’s pre-/post-natal appointments, applying to college or trade school, or completing their resume and applying for jobs in their community. These rewards, also called “Parenting Bucks,” can be redeemed to purchase childcare items, such as diapers, wipes and bottles, as well as toys and books.

The program also assists young parents in paying for child care while attending school or work, and case managers routinely connect teens with other agencies that support families through nutrition/health, mental health, housing, legal and domestic violence programs.


Walden serves children and families from our offices in San Bernardino.

Why It Matters

Pregnant and parenting teens are at higher risk of dropping out of high school, making it difficult to obtain employment that allows them to care for their children. Cal-Learn helps teens who need to balance life as a student and parent, and puts them on the path to self-sufficiency.