Extended Care/Aftercare

Young people often recognize they need help to succeed in the adult world only after they leave foster care. Extended care provides coaching on education, employment, health and safety, and establishing lifelong relationships.


Former foster youth ages 18 to 21 are eligible to receive additional support as they make the transition from a structured foster care system to lives as independent adults.

What We Do

Aftercare prepares young people to live on their own in the community by providing them with life skills coaches and support meeting their individual needs. Life skills coaching covers the following topics:

  • Education. Graduating from high school or earning a GED, identifying educational plans and goals, preparing for academic assessments and applying for scholarships and financial aid
  • Employment. Exploring employment interests and options, discussing job placement and work readiness skills, providing information regarding job resources, assisting with job applications and resume development, and encouraging participation in vocational training and volunteer programs
  • Health and Safety. Assessing youth’s ability to make appropriate lifestyle and preventative health choices, providing referrals to appropriate health and mental health services, securing viable housing, and applying for food stamps and health care coverage
  • Permanent Connections. Guiding youth in developing mentoring relationships with appropriate adults, connecting youth to culturally relevant community events and services, and providing recreational events where they can build relationships with other young people with similar experiences.


Walden serves young adults living in the High Desert are from our San Bernardino County office in Victorville.

Why It Matters

Young people are often eager for independence, but not yet ready to live completely on their own. Extended care provides them with one-on-one coaching and personalized training to further develop the skills they will need to succeed as adults living in the community.