What We Do in San Diego County

Our San Diego office provides foster care and adoption, as well as a transitional housing plus foster care program, for children and youth in San Diego County.

Our foster care and adoption program specializes in providing stable family environments for children and youth with special healthcare needs and developmental disabilities, as well as sibling groups and youth who identify as LGBTQ. Through our program, foster and adoptive families receive in-depth training and ongoing support to help children heal and thrive

We also offer a transitional housing plus foster care program that provides young people an opportunity to gain the education, life skills, and employment experience to successfully transition to adulthood and community life.

Walden Family Services is contracted by the County of San Diego and licensed by the California Department of Social Services Community Licensing Division.

Foster Family Agencies (FFAs) are private, non-profit charitable organizations who partner with Child Welfare Services of San Diego County to find loving homes for children placed in foster care. Each FFA is unique in the age range of children they serve and the supportive services they provide and families are encouraged to research and speak with several different FFAs in order to find the best fit. For a listing of FFAs in San Diego, click here. 


Please check the Training Calendar for upcoming events.


8525 Gibbs Drive, Suite 100
San Diego CA 92123
(619) 584-5777


FFA License: 374603904
THP+FC License: 374603903
Adoptions: 336427781

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