Transforming the lives
of foster children, youth,
& families

Transforming the lives of foster children, youth,
& families

Our Services

For 48 years, Walden Family Services has pioneered specialized foster care and adoption services for children, youth, and families throughout Southern California. 

Foster Care
& Adoption

Our foster care and adoption services
provide safe, nurturing homes. for
children who cannot live with
their biological parents.

Youth Services

We offer safe, stable housing and comprehensive support to help youth
develop life skills, pursue education and employment, and achieve self-sufficiency.

LGBTQIA+ Support
& Services

We are proud to offer a safe, supportive
and inclusive environment tailored to the needs of all LGBTQIA+ youth and families. 
You are welcome here!

Walden Family

Walden Family stories showcase the
inspiring journeys of individuals and families within our community. By sharing, we aim
to inspire others.

Foster & Youth

We offer comprehensive support and resources to foster families, ensuring each child receives the love, stability, and opportunities they deserve. 

& Friends

Your contributions make it possible for us to provide essential services and support. Join us in making a lasting impact and see how your support helps us achieve our mission.

Walden Family Services Has Helped

Children, Youth & Families
Youth in Transitional Housing
Children Placed in Nurturing Homes

Addressing the Needs
of Foster Kids

At Walden Family Services, we provide a nurturing environment for a diverse range of children and young adults, including those facing unique challenges. Our team is dedicated to supporting children who are medically fragile, as well as sibling groups, individuals with developmental disabilities, and those experiencing mental health challenges. We also offer specialized care for LGBTQIA+ youth, ensuring they feel safe and accepted. 

Working Together for Transitional Housing

At Walden Family Services, we understand the unique challenges faced by foster youth as they transition out of the foster care system. Our Transitional Housing Program (THP) is dedicated to providing foster adults with the support and resources they need to be confident and stable. By working closely with each individual, we make sure they have access to safe housing, educational opportunities, employment assistance, and life skills training. 

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