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 #Superhero: 10 Ways to be a Foster Child’s Hero

Does your idea of a superhero wear a cape, primary colors, a big letter on their chest, and a mask? Maybe your superhero can fly, or has some heightened sense or ability that allows them to come to the need of others and save the day. We love a good superhero story complete with magical […]

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

San Diego Pride Parade: Why We March for LGBTQ Equality

For years Walden staff has joined the LGBTQ community to march in the San Diego Pride Parade. Along with our family and friends we wear rainbow tutus, faces, capes and the brightest ‘Walden pink’ t-shirts and hats we can find. Although we love the atmosphere of love and community, we are marching for more than […]

Supporting Teen Independence: Tools and tips to empower youth

  As children mature into adolescents, parents and caregivers must also adapt, shift, and grow into a new role: life skills and independence coach. There are few young adults who reach adulthood without an adult intentionally guiding, teaching, and mentoring them, ensuring they have the life skills necessary to become successful adults. When practiced, teen […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Foster Youth

For decades the picture of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has been a U.S. war veteran, fighting bravely on behalf of our country. Through public awareness campaigns and public service announcements we have collectively learned to associate PTSD with the brave fight of our soldiers. We recognize the symptoms—flashbacks, jittery nerves, withdrawn or depressed behavior, chemical […]

Actions of Impact: How to Help Former Foster Youth Aging Out of Care

At first glance aging out of foster care appears to be a welcome relief for former foster youth. Often, children come into foster care under stressful situations, and the assumption is their trauma continues the longer they stay in the foster care system, away from their parents and family. Unfortunately, a number of former foster […]

The 18th Year: Challenges for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

This year 23,000 youths will turn 18 while in foster care, aging out of their system of support. While society tends to look at this transitional stage in life as an exciting threshold to cross into adulthood, statistics tell us our youth aging out of foster care are facing a harrowing battle to thrive. Their […]

Supporting Fatherhood through Community

What if we told you we knew how to decrease youth suicides, reduce teenage pregnancy, turn around climbing high school dropout statistics, prevent a large number of adolescent drug abuse, curb youth behavior disorders, and stop a large number of youths from ever entering the prison system? Would you be eager to champion and stand […]

Be an Everyday Hero: 13 Ways to Support A Foster Family

You’ve heard about the great work foster families do in the community. You’ve read the statistics. Your heart is moved, yet you are not sure how to act. We know fostering a child is not a path for everyone, but we also know many of you would like to journey alongside foster youth, helping them […]

Common Foster Care Myths and Misconceptions

The moment someone mentions foster care we instantly go to our memory bank of stories and experiences, news articles and investigative reports. Like most adults, you and I have heard the long and short tales of foster care—the stories that inspire and encourage us, as well as the stories that inform and urge us to […]