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Meet Baby Maya

At just two months old, Baby Maya was removed from her birth family due to severe neglect. When she arrived at the hospital for care to overcome that neglect, she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

In addition to her ongoing health issues, Baby Maya, now suffers from high blood pressure as a result of her coronavirus infection.

Walden Family Services is frequently the agency of choice for foster children with health challenges because of our depth of experience with medically fragile children. When Walden was contacted about an emergency placement for a COVID-positive infant, we turned to the Jensen family who have extensive experience working with sick children. Once her condition stabilized, Baby Maya was released from the COVID unit and into the Jensen’s care.

For weeks she remained in isolation with her foster mother receiving home care from Walden’s mobile nurse. Maya has a long way to go with her overall health, but thanks to the dedication of our devoted staff and resource family, she is drawing strength from her loving home.

When you fundraise with us, you help sustain these vital programs that impact children and youth in our foster community. Join us in supporting fragile children like Maya and caring families like the Jensens.

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