Save October 6th for an evening to benefit Walden Family Services at Wine D’Vine.

Located within the heart of La Jolla, The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center opened in 2019 and is the permanent home for the La Jolla Music Society, as a world-class destination for cultural, arts education, and community events.



Headshot photo of April Duskin, Walden Family Services Wine D’Vine Chair

My parents exemplified and instilled in my siblings & I compassion, kindness, love, and the honor in giving to others through time, talent or treasure. Growing up my mother was Chief Executive Officer of a community nonprofit who serviced the underprivileged and poverty-stricken communities in our county. Much of my childhood was built around learning to give back and watching my mother lead impactful programs to better the lives of others. It continued to drive my desire to continue my passion of helping others throughout my life.

In 2021, my husband & I relocated fulltime to San Diego. The purpose for this next chapter was to focus our energy in promoting the welfare of others and the journey began.

We researched Walden Family Services & their impressive 45 years of dedication to Foster children.  Their progress was evident in the difference they were making in children’s lives into adulthood through their Foster care services.  We have personally had the pleasure of meeting a few recipients of  Walden’s services and have witnessed the transformation of the children, teens, and adults they have been able to help with the generosity of their donors, who have been so kind to commit to changing the trajectory of those in need one person at a time.  They are committed to keeping their overhead low, for every dollar donated .88 cents goes to the child. I hope you will consider Walden Family Services in whatever way you can to help transform these children and give them hope for a future.

A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world. – Anonymous


Headshot photo of April Duskin, Walden Family Services Wine D’Vine Chair

The Ed Kornhauser Trio is a renowned jazz ensemble known for their captivating and smooth jazz performances. Led by the incredibly talented pianist and composer, Ed Kornhauser, the trio has garnered a reputation for creating music that effortlessly blends traditional jazz elements with contemporary flair.

Ed Kornhauser, a virtuoso on the keys, is the driving force behind the trio’s captivating sound. His intricate melodies and improvisational skills have made him a sought-after musician in the jazz scene. He is complemented by a stellar pair of musicians, who provide the rhythmic foundation that underpins the trio’s mesmerizing performances.

Winner for ‘Best Jazz Artist’ at the 2022 San Diego Music Awards.


88 cents of every dollar goes directly Walden programs

Every dollar donated makes our work possible—and 88¢ of every dollar goes directly to programs for our children and youth.

To learn more about sponsor levels and benefits please visit the Sponsorship Benefits link below:

WineD’Vine 2023 Sponsorship Levels

Wine DVine 2023 Sponsorship Agreement

Thank you to our current sponsors!

Thank you for investing in our foster youth and we look forward to seeing you at Wine D’Vine!

In the event we are unable to host Wine D’Vine due to COVID restrictions, your sponsorship will include recognition for our holiday Shop From the Heart year-end campaign.

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